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Milan van den Heuvel

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I am a Professor at the Economics department of Ghent University and the Co-Chairholder of the BNP Paribas Fortis Research Chair: "Models for a changing world.".

I obtained the title "Joint Ph.D. in Physics and Economics" in 2019 for my thesis titled "Addressing socioeconomic challenges with micro-level trace data".

I lead a research group whose mission it is to employ real-life bank data to tackle economic and societal questions that will provide value to policy makers and society.
Topics herein range from economic nowcasting, household finance, responsible AI, data governance, financial markets, inequality, and more.

My personal research interests lie in designing and applying new methodology on the edge of causal inference and machine learning to find relevant answers in data that empower people/companies/governments to make the right decisions.

Network for research through banking

In the last year, I have been actively building a network of researchers, governments, and financial institutions that are active in, or interested in, research utilising real-world micro-level financial trace data.

If you are interested in hearing more or contributing to this network, do not hesitate to reach out. In time, more news will be shared about this network and its events and meetings.

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